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Byont Labs and IntotheNXT Collaborate to Deliver Innovative Solutions and Accelerate Business Success

Byont has partnered with IntotheNXT, a company that delivers strategy and execution for disruptive tech and data-driven performance improvement. We recently co-hosted an NFT hackathon, which was a success in creating excitement internally and providing teams with knowledge about the possibilities of web3. We are excited to see what the future holds for our partnership and the opportunities it will bring.

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ByJasper Verbeetand Vera Schutand Bas Kemme Announcements

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Byont Labs and IntotheNXT Collaborate to Deliver Innovative Solutions and Accelerate Business Success

We are excited to announce our partnership with IntotheNXT, a leader in delivering strategy and execution for disruptive tech and data-driven performance improvement.

Introducing IntotheNXT

IntotheNXT is a company that helps businesses take their operations to the next level by combining technology, data, and human drive. Their team of no-nonsense strategy consultants have a strong eye for the human factors in business and can deliver immediate impact and high-quality outcomes for their clients. One of the key areas of expertise for IntotheNXT is disruptive tech, such as web3, NFTs, and the metaverse. They help their clients develop strategies for innovating and executing new concepts in these areas and also assist with navigating the landscape of suppliers and talent. In addition to their focus on disruptive tech, IntotheNXT also helps their clients become more data-driven and transform their organizations to be more human-centric. They measure the employee's status on the change journey and provide personalized messaging and guidance to help teams through the process.

The Partnership

At Byont, we create innovative and secure web3 applications that drive a new global paradigm. Our expertise in consultancy, engineering, and security, and our passion for staying at the forefront of the latest technology, make us the perfect partner for IntotheNXT. With our combined use of technology, data, and human drive, we can fast-track impact and deliver high-quality outcomes for our clients. Byont is thrilled to join forces with IntotheNXT and bring our expertise in web3 to the table. Byont and IntotheNXT will be unstoppable in driving disruptive tech and performance improvement to the next level. We can't wait to see what the future holds for our partnership. Stay tuned for updates and exciting news as our partnership grows and evolves.

The partnership between Byont and IntotheNXT is a natural fit, as we both share a passion for driving innovation and helping our clients succeed. By bringing our web3 expertise together with IntotheNXT's focus on disruptive tech and performance improvement, we will be unstoppable in driving positive change for our clients.


In addition to our partnership, we recently co-hosted an NFT hackathon with an AA-brand company and developed the concept for their internal NFT collection. The objective was to celebrate a company milestone and gamify organizational goals while onboarding employees into web3. Starting with foundational context and understanding of important web3 terminology and concepts, we split the group in two: creatives developed the NFT concept. At the same time, the developers coded their way through 22 smart contract and front-end challenges. The hackathon was a success, as the client was able to create excitement internally about the upcoming milestone, teams gained knowledge about the possibilities of web3 for their business, and the developers learned new web3 coding skills.

Co-hosting the hackathon with Byont allowed us to bring deep blockchain knowledge to our clients and train them on the job in a fun and engaging way. Our skill sets are complementary, but our definition of quality is the same. This creates trust and allows for speed in bringing the best value to our clients.