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We joined the Copernicus Beer DAO

What if drinking beer would make the world a better place? To answer that question, we became a Copernicus Beer DAO token holder. The token holders are jointly responsible for brewing the Copernicus Beer. They decide when we will brew a new batch, how big it will be, and who will brew it.

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By Jasper Verbeet Announcements

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We joined the Copernicus Beer DAO

About Copernicus Beer

There are 24 Copernicus Beer Holders, and each holder has its own NFT. We own NFT #02. As an owner of this NFT, we share ownership of the treasury, the brand, and the recipe, and we participate in the governance that leads Copernicus Beer to its future goals.

Beer DAO

The Idea

The proceeds of CopernicusBeer remain in the DAO and are used to produce more beer. The idea is to grow the capital so that less and less additional money is needed to start a new brewing round. More beer makes more people think about decentralization.

Our Manifeset

What if drinking beer would make the world a better place?

We believe that with every euro you spend, you make a choice. And thus help determine what the world looks like. When you buy Copernicus Beer, you contribute to a world in which money and power are distributed fairly(er).

Not just profitability for the happy few, but for the well-being of us all. With fair agreements. Because we stand for everything that is just, and are against everything that is unjust. It is that simple.

And in the meantime we provide enough beer for everyone.

Copernicus Beer changes this by:

  • Brewing beer that challenges you to talk about decentralization while drinking together.
  • Brewing beer that is so good that you want to taste it with your friends and introduce them to the new world of decentralization. We call this expanding the beer-2-beer network.
  • Organizing ourselves as decentralized as possible and sharing the ownership of the beer brand with a community of sovereign beer drinkers and decentralization enthusiasts.
  • Deciding together with the owners on the direction that Copernicus Beer should take, which manifests itself concretely in being allowed to make proposals in all areas, such as: When do we brew beer? How much beer do we brew? Where do we brew this beer? Which beer do we brew? Which design should the label have? How do we distribute the beer? What should it cost? How do we raise money to get new beer brewed?

Copernicus Bottle

Visit the Copernicus Beer DAO website