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Byont Labs partners with BROKENEGG

We are happy to announce that we partnered with BROKENEGG, a leading consultancy agency helping individuals, artists, and companies go to market with NFTs and into Metaverses.

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By Jasper Verbeet and Martijn van Schaik Announcements

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Byont Labs partners with BROKENEGG


Byont Labs and BROKENEGG have partnered to help BROKENEGG's clients with the advanced technical challenges they are facing when creating NFTs or expanding their activities into the Metaverse.

When creating NFTs, BROKENEGG builds a strategic marketing plan and covers all questions by giving workshops and discussing the possibilities that fit the client's identity or brand.

They also have a team of 3D artists ready to build their client's next dream home or company accessible from anywhere in the world. BROKENEGG also helps create, buy, sell, rent, and sub-rent land in the Metaverse.

Byont Labs will help to expand BROKENEGG's services by providing engineering and security expertise.

It was essential for us to find a partner to team up with to expand our activities in Web3 and have support on the engineering side.